Supreme Stargazing at Thornybush Collection

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When the lights go out at Thornybush Collection you're in for a glittering surprise. The amazement doesn't end with game drives and boma braais when you stay with us.

After Dark Activities

In general, South Africa presents wonderful opportunities to see the night sky from a new angle, but out in the wide open bush is where you will find the best examples of our southern skies. In particular, visitors from the northern hemisphere are in for a stellar southern treat. No matter where you call home though, you are sure to be delighted with the fantastically bright bushveld skies.

‚ÄčSuperstars of the Southern Hemisphere

With very little light pollution, many more elements of the Milky Way galaxy are visible when you gaze upward at any venue in our part of the world. The Southern Cross, Southern Triangle, and the brightest stars of all, Sirius, Canopus and Alpha Centauri are all easy to spot even with the naked eye.

For added interest, you will notice that the familiar shared arrangements of stars from up north are turned upside down, making them harder to find. Orion's belt is on upside down, the twins (Virgo) are doing a handstand, and Leo looks somewhat reptilian from this angle.

If you don't know how to tell one from the other, ask one of the rangers, they've spent more than their fair share of time admiring the heavens after hours.

Exquisite Pastimes

If you are lucky enough to visit at just the right time of year, you will get to see the Milky Way at its best, stretching from horizon to horizon. In places, it is even bright enough to cast shadows on the ground in wide open spaces, and if fate plays its hand there's always the chance that you will witness a shower of meteors or a shooting star flashing by.

The best part about stargazing at Thornybush Collection is that you can do it anywhere. Even in camp there is little light to spoil your view and you don't need any special equipment to enjoy it. What could be better than lounging in a bubble bath by candlelight with the night skies visible through the large windows? Or glancing up from your outdoor shower to see the brilliant display above?


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Wednesday, 12 December 2018