Snapping up the Best while on Safari

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While the latest lenses and equipment will certainly help creative excellence while on safari, there are a few things you should bear in mind to gain enjoyment and success out of your photographic efforts.

Do your research

Before setting off on your trip, find out more about the area and what to expect during your travels. Scour the internet for information on your destination and tips from other photographers who have travelled there, or consult with your travel agent. Your fellow camera fundis will also be able to advise on the best equipment to take along and help you to develop clear expectations of the kind of things you can expect to see on your journey.

Plan ahead for travelling with equipment

If you are flying, baggage restrictions will limit the amount of kit you can drag along, while common sense will dictate the rest. You can't expect to realistically transport all your spare lenses and back up cameras along on a game walk in the African heat, or without inconveniencing other guests on a guided game drive. Remember you may not always be able to set up a tripod, and will probably be in a vehicle with other people, so stick to about a 300mm – 400mm lens to avoid excessive shaking and space issues.

Keep your memories Intact

A small portable hard drive is imperative for downloading your digital shots regularly and spare batteries are essential. Try to sort your photos daily while your experiences are still fresh in your mind, and to avoid filling up storage space unnecessarily.

Take your Time

Focus on achieving high-quality shots by sitting quietly alongside a waterhole or scenic spot and seeing what comes down to drink, instead of racing from sighting to sighting. You will enjoy yourself more and most likely end up with a better result.

Most Importantly

Make sure you take some time out from behind your lens to enjoy your holiday - time spent on safari involves much more than just taking pictures. You will share many once-in-a-lifetime experiences while out in the field or back at camp, and some things live on better in your memory than on a memory card. Take some snapshots of your travelling companions having fun or relaxing which may mean more to you in the end than even an award-wining photograph.

At Thornybush, we welcome photographers, please feel free to contact us should you wish to enjoy a specific photographic experience.


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Thursday, 15 November 2018