Rangers Report December 2011

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A month in the trees

It has been a month in the trees for the elusive Leopard. In the space of 3 days we had sightings of Leopard in precarious positions in a few trees, with our resident pride of Lion conveniently attached to the base. Leopard are at ease in trees, showing great agility and balance even when they find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of balancing in an Acacia, with their relatives sitting below, waiting for the opportunity to hopefully kill their nearest threat and competitor.

The tree climbing warthog

Everyone regards Leopard as the expert climbers. With this particular kill, the leopard placed a Warthog into the tree, having struggled to subdue it. It attracted the attention of a group of Jackals and then to add to the Leopards anxiety, the Lions began roaring nearby. By the following morning, all that remained was the Warthog carcass as the Leopard gave way to cowardice. This presented a great opportunity to show guest the 'rare' tree climbing Warthog.

The Lion Climbs too

Lions manage to get into trees with relative ease. It is important to note that what comes up inevitably must come down and it is in this circumstance that Lion are made to appear like amateurs against the agile Leopard. These Lionesses decided the morning of fun was too good to resist after a cool and cloudy night, getting into a tree to enjoy a bit of acrobatic play.

The Reptiles are coming out to play

With the summer rains and heat returning to the bush, many of our reptiles are starting to put in an appearance, having gone through the winter relatively dormant. I've been lucky to see a Puff Adder, Water Monitor and Rock Monitor. Summer is here!

Then there was a Flash of Colour

Of course with Summer comes a flash of colour, and these shots are of a few of the wonderful creatures guests are currently running into.


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