A Modern Day Fable - How Lion Became King Of The Beasts

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In Africa we seldom hear of a white man's legend, especially one that hails from recent times. This one is courtesy of Ray Anselmo, a modern-day blogger, and storyteller. This is a bedtime story that he made up for his daughter and published on the internet for us to find.

How the Lion Became King of Beasts

A long time ago, when the earth was new, the animals gathered for a meeting to discuss an important matter. They had noticed that man spoke to his God in the evenings and brought his concerns before him, and felt that the animals too should have a representative to present their wishes for divine intervention.

What followed was a process of trial and error –

First, Giraffe was chosen as the tallest and therefore closest to the heavens, but before long his soft voice irritated the animals for they could never hear the messages he relayed to them. Ant, although hardworking, proved to be too busy. Monkey was too self-absorbed to listen to what God had said to him and Dog was only interested in what God had to say to his master.

As a last resort, they consulted Man as to a course of action, who in turn suggested that they ask God himself. The animals agreed that this was a great idea and off they went to consult with God who promised that if they waited in the grassy field to the east he would reveal his choice to them in the morning.

When the sun rose, they awoke expectantly but had to wait some time for anything to happen. Eventually, Lion strolled up and the animals reluctantly asked if he would be king, to which he agreed.

Puzzled that God would choose such a lazy animal to lead them, the animals asked Him to explain his reasoning.

He answered as follows, "So many who try to be leaders work too hard at it, to do things in the right way, or say the right things, or make rules for how things should be done. I chose Lion because he has faith, he sleeps all day because he knows I will take care of him, he relies on me (and lioness) to bring him food and to keep watch for enemies. He trusts me and what I have to say."

And so it came to be that Lion became the King of Beasts…

A bedtime story and legend that can be enjoyed around camp fires with our children and our children's children, as we listen in the still of the night for the roar of this glorious beast, King of the animals.


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Tuesday, 15 October 2019