1 June to 8 June 2009

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Crisp mornings and cold evenings is what has greeted us on drive this week. The morning game drives are made a lot more comfortable with the presence of the hot water bottles and a lot of warm blankets. However it is not even always necessary to venture out on safari as the lodge waterhole has proved to be the place to be with hundreds of elephants moving into drink on a daily basis. Buffalo, kudu, impala and zebra are also seen all day around the waterhole, making breakfast, lunch and even dinner extremely exciting for the guests.

Lion sightings have been great again this week at Simbambili, with more sightings of the Tsalala Pride with their cubs as well as with the 2 Mapogo males from the South, The Styx pride has also been on the property this week but the sad news is that one of the cubs seems to be missing, as we are only seeing 4 females with 5 cubs instead of 6 cubs. Other additional members of the Styx pride have also been seen in our area with two females that haven't been seen for along time in these parts, that also brought with them 2 new cubs that are still very young.

The leopard sightings as always have been exceptional, we were fortunate enough to have Salayexe bring her cubs to their first kill; she managed to kill an impala and brought them to it for all of us to see. What an great sighting this was as the cubs are becoming a lot more relaxed with vehicles and allowing us more time with them and ample photo opportunities for all our guests. The old female, Safari is highly mobile in the area and the distance she is covering is getting a lot bigger than she normally would do, this could be due to the pressure she might feeling from other territorial female leopards like Nyleti and Salayexe.The queen is definitely nearing the end of her dominance but still refuses to give up. Mpilo was also seen this week after a few days of not seeing and she is getting bigger and bigger as we speak. Her mother was also seen once this week. Tyson and Mafunyane were also seen this week, Mafunyane almost every day, he is giving us exceptional sightings as always.

The pack of 3 wild dogs moved into our traversing area this week, and seems to be hanging around a lot more than the pack of 12 of dogs that we normally see. We can only hope that this pack of 3 has a more successful time this year, than it did last year, as there were 10 pups and 4 adults last year and all 10 pups died as well as one adult. Hopefully this year they will have more pups and raise them successfully and make this pack a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

As for hyena's we have found a new den with 2 tiny baby pups as well as 2 sub adults and quite a lot of adults. This will provide us with guaranteed sightings of these amazing animals.

The Simbambili Team


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