Hlokomela - Clinic, Crèche and Vegetable Projects

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Thornybush is proud to be a supporter of the worthwhile Hlokomela Project based just outside Hoedspruit. Run by the Hoedspruit Training Trust and the International Organisation for Migration, this initiative has been in operation since 2005 and concerns itself mainly with improving the lot of individuals affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic as well as other chronic health conditions.

The Hlokomela Project integrates aspects of prevention, treatment and care as well as programmes developed to change the mind-set around HIV/AIDS and encourage behavioural changes in the area.​ 

Communication Strategies

Effective communication is vital to the success of this project, not only for spreading awareness around HIV/AIDS and how to prevent it by means of lifestyle changes, but also to inform the community about where to find help and support.


Hlokomela runs regular wellness clinics – with both a permanent as well as mobile clinics, which disseminate information and condoms to the community as well as provide access to health care services, HIV counselling and testing, as well as antiretroviral therapy.

A qualified doctor is in attendance once a week and where necessary, patients are referred to Khetsani Hospital for further treatment. Assistance and counselling are also provided for rape survivors and the mentally ill.

There is no charge for services rendered by these clinics.

Home Based Care Services

In addition Hlokomela provides hands-on assistance to those affected by illness and their families in the form of cooking and cleaning as well as bathing bed-ridden patients and ensuring that they stick to their prescribed treatments.


This commendable project is also responsible for running a full time crèche as well as a home for orphaned children which is available as a safe haven for those families affected by HIV/AIDS.


Hlokomela runs a herb garden, as well as a separate vegetable garden, providing fresh produce on a daily basis to the clinic and crèche, while also selling produce to local lodges, shops and restaurants in town. The revenue generated from these gardens is put straight back into the various projects they are running.

The Thornybush Collection Community Project assists Hlokomela with the following:

  • We supply financial support from time to time for various projects
  • We assist with marketing support for their initiatives
  • We purchase produce for our game lodges
  • We host their annual Herb Party, to help raise funds and awareness for their work.

Guests at nearby lodges in the Thornybush Collection are kept informed about the various projects and are encouraged to get involved in the support process, often providing financial or material assistance where possible.

We could not continue these worthy community initiatives without the input of our supporters and are truly grateful to all who assist. If you would like to contribute please contact our CEO via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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