Dixie/Hananani Primary School Project

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The Hananani Primary School Project, started in 2015, is the latest feather in our cap of community initiatives which include the Simbambili/Uthla – Manyangana High School project and the Hlokomela Project.

In today's times of advanced food storage and refrigeration, many of us take healthy eating as a given, but in the impoverished local communities on the edges of Thornybush and other Private Game Reserves, adequate nutrition is a daily struggle.

The Thornybush Collection is very active in supporting these communities and the Hananani Primary School Project centres on a small Hoedspruit school of just 180 students, located on the western side of the Sabi Sands, just 10km's from the reserve's Gowrie Gate.

In partnership with The Buffelshoek Trust, which was established in 2001 with the aim of uplifting the people of Dixie and Utah, Thornybush Collection has assisted Hananani Primary School to set up a thriving vegetable garden on their premises at the site of a previously abandoned garden.

A borehole has been set up, along with a submersible pump and drip irrigation system. With a lot of hard work from the community and volunteers, the garden is now at full production, supplying the children of Hananani with enough vegetables for their daily school meals, which in some cases is the only sustenance that these children receive.

Vegetables are an important component of child nutrition, providing a supply of potassium, fibre, folate (folic acid) and vitamins A, E and C and with bellies full of healthy food, children are better able to focus on their studies and sports activities, increasing their chances in life immeasurably.

The garden also currently provides employment to two women who operate as 'sole traders' carrying out the planting, watering and packing of excess vegetables for sale.

That's not the end of the story though, as further aims for this project include –

  • An area for washing, drying, storing and cooling harvested produce for sale
  • Setting up a roadside stall for sale of the vegetables
  • Planting lemon trees around the perimeter of the garden
In addition, the school encourages children to grow their own vegetables at home and would like to set up keystone gardening structures on the property in order to teach them how to do so, holding an annual gardening competition to keep the youngsters motivated.

Funding has not been called for with regard to these new initiatives yet, but if you would like to get involved, watch this space or get in touch directly…


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Saturday, 20 October 2018